September 2012 reflection

As the weather begins to cool and we begin to see plans for Christmas flicker, I’d like to share reflections on my work through September.

  • Provided the first MS ICT Parent Coffee for the school year 2012 – 13.
    Discussion topics focused around ICT usage at home, Digital Organization and Focus, and lessening ICT related distraction. The associated discussions provided an opportunity for parents to share concerns and collaboratively raise awareness and develop an understanding about potential management and problem solving options.
    A link to my associated blog posting is here :
  • Initiated the growth of the Student Digital Leadership Team [MS SDLT]. The MS SDLT will work through the academic year to design, create and present an ICT curriculum to the MS student body.
    There has been a strong commitment from our grade 6 students and a pleasing return of some SDLT from last year.
    The team meet weekly on a Monday after school in room 315B.
  • Presented potential ICT integration possibilities between Google Earth and the seventh and eighth grade Social Studies curriculum. Sheltered time was allocated to support the training of all associated staff.
    The planning and operational details are still being discussed with the team. The options available remain exciting.
  • Formed this year’s Tech~Know~Wise crew, a group of students that will develop knowledge and skills required to support the design, set-up, and operation of all ICT and audio visual related issues associated with the theatrical productions held at the Middle School throughout the school year.
    The crew meet weekly on a Tuesday after school in room 315B.
  • Re-communicated to all MS students the need for improvement around four important focal areas concerning ICT.

* Being responsible for laptop care.
* Backing up laptops on a frequent and ongoing basis.
* Ensuring work is managed in a digitally organized manner.
* Restarting laptops at least once per week.

Though these 4 items have already been mentioned, we have seen a need to reiterate this information to all MS students via multiple communication means, such as daily announcements, PCG led video message viewing, and email reminders.

  • Continued to research and test ICT & AV tools with a view to meeting our goal of providing an effectively ubiquitous ICT environment within HKIS.
As always HKIS amazes me at the speed at which we motivate ourselves and each other towards redefining what our goals are and how well we can do.
We keep trying.

Stay well.

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