Laptop Back up essential for all students & teachers

Dear MS

Again I need to remind all of you that you need to establish a pattern from which you are frequently backing up your laptop.
Note help files and details below.

In order to ensure all MS students’ school-related data saved into their laptops is safe and secure, we require all MS Students to own an external portable hard drive, and to use this to do frequent back up of their data.

(Portable Harddrive example image below)

Our requirements for the portable hard drive are:

A minimum storage capacity of 500 GB

  1. The unit is a portable item (not time capsule)
  2. The item is used for the back up process
  3. The item is only used by the one student
Some recommendations:
  1. Getting a Firewire 800 connection option is a good idea – it’s faster than USB.
  2. WD – Western Digital are a good product.
  3. The Wanchai Computer Centre sell loads of these product
    Wan Chai Computer Centre
    130 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
  4. The Apple Store sell these product
    Apple Store,
    ifc mall, International Finance Center
    8 Finance Street, Central
Infact, most computer stores sell these products.
Once you have the portable harddrive, follow the instructions provided in the links below to set up the backup process using the Time Machine program inside your laptop.
If you have any questions or problems doing this process, please see your ETS office or see Mr Lea.
Thanks for your support.


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