October 2012 Reflection

Below outlines what has been going on through the month of October.

  • Attended the Learning 2.012 conference hosted by Western Academy Beijing. Seven ICT staff spent five days in a pleasantly sunny Beijing attending the 3 day Learning 2.012 conference. Overall I found the conference to be one of the best I’ve been to in years. As a celebratory result I have generated a blog post dedicated to my reflections on the conference.
    To have a look at my reflection postings, CLICK HERE. – still under consrtuction
  • Continue to develop a presentation around Creativity that I hope to use as a catalyst to reigniting viewers enthusiasm towards optimistically re-taking a creative and innovative approach to their educational environment and instructional processes, be it teaching or learning, for the first time, an enhanced repeat or simply again.
    I promise to share this as soon as ready, what ever that may mean.
  • Presented to the MS Parent Advisory Group [PAG] suggestions around
    “Digital Organization” and “Laptop @ Home”.
    The presentation was a condensed version of the ICT Parent Coffee that was offered September 20, 2012.
    Click here to see blog detailing ICT Parent Coffee – September 20, 2012.
  • Teaching Theater Craft elective students the theoretical and operational understandings around the usage of Audio, Light, Video & Communication systems within the theatrical environment.
    In addition to classroom time, the group have had an opportunity to gain hands on experience as they support the soon to be run MS drama production “Lord of the Flies” running in the Black Box Theater Nov 8, 9 & 10, 2012
    At this stage the set up process has required extra dedication from a few students that signed up to accept a technical responsibility, namely Sam K, Frances G and Lauren. To date they have been working daily after school in the Black Box Theater preparing the lighting, audio, video, communication systems – for three weeks.
    I am impressed with their out of class commitment and talent – well done all 🙂
  • Collaboratively worked towards completing the Trans-disciplinary Skills reference document that outlines Skills that the Teacher/Librarians and ICT staff want to encourage into future curriculum design. This has been a continuation of the work that the team worked on last year.
  • Collaboratively, the Director of Educational Technology and the ICT Facilitators have been continuing discussions around our computing requirements for the 2013 – 2014 school year. Our main focus has been around the laptop replacement process and how we move forward with this in a manner that fully support effective education. The details around this are still forming.
  • Presented the touch typing skill development program “Typing Agent” to the grade six core teachers and Student Services Centre learning specialist staff with a view to this tool being used in class or at home on a recommended basis.
    All MS students have an account created within their grade level house groupings.
    All MS students can access this online at home or at school.
    This process is not formally being allocated time in core classes, but on an as needed basis.

As we move into November I am excited to see how the drama production pans out – I am sure they will be fine. I will comment next month.
Onwards and upwards.

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