ICT tip – Control the Distraction…

In times where Information and Communication Technology’s [ICT] connects us to such vast opportunities, it also frequently distracts us from tasks in hand.

Below are a few programs that may help take control of the ICT.

*  Freedom (currently on student machines)
Disconnects the internet for predetermined amount of time. Very easy to use.

*  Self Control (free download required)
Available here : http://selfcontrolapp.com/
Blocks predetermined blacklisted web sites for stated periods of time.
User creates “Black list”

*  Concentrate (commercial product)
Available here : http://getconcentrating.com/
et up what is used and what is not used when doing certain tasks.
Set up time might be time consuming.

…and here’s a few tools that may help with digital organization.

* Finder
Use the folder structure “HKIS > Grade Level > Subject > Project > File”
Using this will keep your school work organized, helping you progress efficiently.

* Stickies (already on laptops)
Use different notes /colours for different subjects and keep all requirements noted there.
Alternatively use Stickies in the Laptops “Dashboard”

* iProcastinate (App store download required)
Available here : http://www.craigotis.com/
A simple task manager for the Mac.

* EverNote (Download required)
Available here : http://evernote.com/
reat tools to help organize note taking.
Shares between devices too.
Great program.

Helpful links

Web Usage Tracking support
Please see the document linked below.

Parent Education (including Family Media Agreements, Cyber Safety advise)

Google’s Family Safety Centre : Tips from parents @ Google

Cyber Safe Kids

Norton – Online Family

I hope this content is useful for you and yours.
If you have any questions, concerns, please contact me directly.

email : dlea@hkis.edu.hk

Dean Lea
MS ICT Facilitator / Teacher 

About deanleahk

See here : https://deanlea.wordpress.com
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