Theatre Craft & Tech~Know~Wise – Oh so good

I’d like to take a few moments to comment on the success of the students that were involved in designing, setting up, operating and de-rigging the Audio, Visual and Lighting systems for the recent, and very successful Middle School’s production of “Lord of the Flies”.
The students combined from 2 sources , an after school activity called “Tech~Know~Wise” and a new grade 7 & 8 elective called “Theatre Craft”

The overarching aim for both classes is for students to develop an understanding around Audio Visual Control and an awareness of the creative options available through these media.

The students were brilliant.
Lighting : Frances G, Lauren L
Audio : Sam K
Video : Barrett W, Nicholas H, Adam L, Ivan T, Arjun B, Derek L
We were scheduled into the MS Black Box Theatre for 3 weeks every day from 3:15 – 5:10.
Though busy with a massive variety of other commitments a majority of the students dedicated their time to support the process.
Their focus, operational skill development and new understandings around how to manage a theatrical production are exciting to see.

I look forward to working with some of the students again when we run the MS musical later in the school year.

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