November 2012 Reflection

It amazes me that we are very nearly into semester two of the 2012 – 2013 school year. Before we know it we’ll be in 2013. Exciting.
NOte below some of the things we’ve been doing in the MS.

  • The end of October’s reflection identified an excitement towards seeing how the MS Drama Lord of the Flies runs. I must say that I reflect on the production with pride and smiles. The students involved who dedicated a load of time and effort towards the design, set up control and even de-rigging of the Audio, Lighting, Communication and Video systems did an amazing job.
    I have spent many a year working with professional outfits controlling a huge variety of entertainment events – our students were on par with many. I am excited for their ongoing growth with this area.
    The Tech-Know-Wise Crew remains open to all MS students.
  • Collecting, researching and labeling has been a focus for the MS SDLT as we increase efforts towards the development of our MS ICT Museum. The student group are researching into the history of collected ICT items on hand. We speak about gathering products to hopefully showcase rapid change over time. This will provide the group with major discussion areas as we research and identify trends and change patterns.
  • Presented our second MS Parent ICT coffee at the beginning of November. Coffee took second place as discussions surfaced around a collection of topics linked to Cyber Awareness : Digital Identity, Ethics, Copyright, Security.
    Again the discussions remained connected, enthusiastic, caring and informative. I thank those for their participation.
    An associated Google Presentation can be accessed here : CLICK HERE TO VIEW
  • Controlling the Distraction remains a focal point of how we can help. I’ve created a post to summate some support resources that may help us.
  • Instructional support for the Theatre Craft elective has come to an end this month. Theatre Craft students remained openminded and excited towards learning by doing. Working together we did a lot but had little time to share, discuss, try and present a mass of related information.
    I hope their time focusing on technology in theatre has enhanced their understanding of creative, technical and  theatrical options open to them.
    We had fun 🙂
    I wish you all a very festive and exciting start to the month of christmas.
    No doubt it will again, be a busy one.
    If I can be of help, please let me know.

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