January 2013 Reflection

we shape where we go
I begin the new calendar year pleased when recalling accomplishments from semester one and fully awareness that there is a lot to do through semester two. The continuation of our growth and development around how, where, why and when we apply Information, Communication and Technology [ICT] tools remains an exciting yet daunting task.
I retain absolute faith in the colleagues that I work with and hold confidence that together we will accomplish grand progress.
I wish all a calm, progressive and overall splendid 2013.

Below’s a few of the accomplishments from January.

  • We’ve welcomed 11 new students to the Middle School, rolling out laptops to all and providing 4 ICT knowledge and skill development sessions for the new students.
    The sessions were well attended with the new students reinforcing how technically adaptable and comfortable today’s students are with technological; systems.
    Great to see.
  • The Middle School Student Digital Leadership Team have been busy developing an ICT museum within the 315B classroom.
    ict museum Jan2013
    The students have painted the presentational cupboards, researched, designed and created product range labels.
    We will continue to collect and present items as our collection grows.
  • Our school wide digital leadership team, teacher librarians and upper administration  have continued developing documentation that support plans to develop knowledge and skills associated with our Creativity, Innovation, Communication, Collaboration, Research, Information Fluency, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Integrity, Ethics, Leadership and Digital Literacy.
    We have solidified a structure suitable for us to begin conversations around how to included these focal areas in the teaching and learning that takes place within HKIS.
    The am 100 % sure the discussions will continue.
  • We have replaced our worn out lighting mixer in the Black Box Theater with an excitingly powerful new unit that offers us enhanced creative options when it comes to our theatrical lighting options.
    The new unit is an ETC Element 40.
    We look forward to spending time working with this up-to-date technology.
  • Thursday 24th Jan 2013 held the third Middle School’s Parent Coffee focused around ICT. The Middle School’s 200 C found us communicating the research options currently being presented to MS students as well as discussing some of the creative and communicative options available to students through the laptops they so cherish.
    To see the Google Presentation that prompted our discussions see the URL below.
  • I attended a 2 day conference “The Emerging Culture of Teaching and Learning” by Alan November. These sessions were well attended by HKIS administration (which was great to see:) ) The content and associated discussions were inspiring, mentally stretching and at times quite overwhelming. The time there has generated a lot of discussion around how we might, should and do utilize ICT within education at HKIS and wider.
    One of the main take-away for me was the need for us to be aware of the communicative options that current ICT offers education environments and processes. Yet to be operationally careful with the implementation of new things as we move forward. We need to take operational stability and effectiveness heavily into consideration when we consider implementing new tools.
    On the flip side, we need to be prepared to try and fail, then get up and try again.
    We’ll learn a lot that way :_)
  • We have placed a 22 iPad trial into the Academic Team 2 learning environment.
    Our plan at this stage is to see how the classroom environment utilizes the iPad tool in addition to the Macbook Pro. We have installed a collection of app’s requested from the teachers and suggested from a variety of respected resources. The units will be used for the third quarter within Academic team 2. During quarter four we will reallocate the units to a variety of teachers to see how they get used in different curricula areas as an instructional support tool.
    We will be assessing the teachers and a collection of students at the end of each trial period and look forward to the discussion that take place from information gathered.
    again, exciting stuff.
  • Another great learning experience for me was my involvement in the Strategic Planning Measurement Team meetings that took place over two day towards the end of the month. We spent our time discussing HKIS’s recently identified Strategic Objectives of identifying, encouraging and assessing Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.
    A very thoughtful and progressive time that will be continued in MArch as we tie up next steps. I feel proud to be a part of this team.

It seems that once again time has run way and found me completing this reflection towards the end of the Chinese New Year break… nearly the end of February. Whoops.

Being born in the year of the Snake I look forward to the adventures this year brings.

Kung Hei Fat Choi.

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