February 2013 Reflection

we shape where we go

We’ve ended the month of Febuary with the semester two’s parent conferences. It is again encouraging and rewarding to be alongside the care and effort that is put into educating our students. It never ceases to amaze me how much our faculty care for the students.
We are at a time of year where we are needing to make decisions for the 2013 – 2014 school year. Between three year old Macbook Pro’s presenting issues, confirming software needs, Adobe’s drastic fee increases, operating system changes and Apples new products we have spent many an hour with a fine tooth comb ensuring we move forward as effectively and efficiently as possible.

  • Great use of Video media in Grade 8 LA
    Students reflected on two novels, identified a common theme and made connection to their lives today. Explaining through an on camera communication students enhanced their “picture in Picture” explanation with a collection of other images, both still and moving. Further enhancements were encouraged through the use of sound atmospheric effects and music. It’s great to see the students using media to support their communication. A few had technical difficulties which were pushed aside and rectified through persistence and technical support.
    Overall an impressive display of creativity, communication and technical skill for some of our eighth graders.
  • iPads with Academic Team 2
    The Social Studies, Maths & Science classes have been integrating the ipads into the classroom with enthusiastic result. There seems to be benefits around the areas of media capture, manipulation and communication.
    We will be assessing the impact of use within the Team 2 and will soon be looking to test the tools with a variety of teachers in different curricula areas.
  • Tech-Know-Wise
    Prepare the Tech-Know-Wise crew for the upcoming Middle School Musical MULAN.
    We have been spending some time working with audio media, constructing 2 minute audio sequences with sound effects only.  In addition to developing ICT skills associated with the manipulation of audio media students will become increasingly aware of sounds that surround them all the time.
  • 20 Percent.
    Added a 20 % student choice program into the 3D Design ICT elective. This will mean that the students have autonomy within the elective for 20 % of the classes. In this time the students can develop their own project – on condition that the project is connected to ICt and that they are prepared to share their results and growth through the project development process. This Practice is something that Google offer to their employee’s and something that develops ideas, creativity, ownership and self management and motivation – all things that it would be great to see our students doing.
  • BBT
    Have been developing a design to remodel our Black Box Theaters control room. To date this has almost been used a storage area for trolleys and loads of equipment. We are looking to modify the area so that it can be used more effectively in the instruction of theatrical technology. The plans have been presented – I look forward to seeing this become a reality.
  • Preparations for the 2013 – 2014 school year.
    As mentioned above, many conversations have taken place around our plans to move to the Mountain Lion Operating System, creative media applications, ubiquitous access, communication processes, roll outs and replacements.
    We are focused on establishing systems that make our operations as smooth as possible.

I look forward to our next steps as we continue to grow.


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