March 2013 Reflection

we shape where we go

March is one of the frantic months within the school and it has been no less so this year. But all towards a great cause.

  • Ten Middle School teachers, including myself ran a Digital Citizenship presentation to all of the 628 Middle School students.
    The presentation includes the below:
    * Communicate with respect and integrity
    * Agree to be friends only with people you know personally offline
    * Don’t give strangers access to your profile
    * Be very thoughtful when sharing personal information with others
    * Control social site’s privacy settings to share information only with friends
    * Keep your location vague
    * Develop a digital footprint with purpose and pride as it will be with you always
    * Choose and share photos selectively
    Thanks to all for helping get this very important message out to the Middle School students.
  • The grade eight social studies team displayed some great creativity through the lengthening of a Prejudice project that offered the students autonomy regarding how they communicate their newly formed understandings. It was motivating to see the students working with a huge variety of media in a multitude of creative ways. From video taping a full day in a wheelchair, replaying at high speed and narrating ontop of the high speed video to hand drawing a comic book. Though there were a few technical issues, the kids pushed on through solving problems and working collaboratively to get the task completed.
    Great to see.
  • The MS Black Box Theater control room has been given the go ahead for a few renovations too, we’re getting some storage and work spaces placed into the area so that the room can be used as more of a teaching space as opposed to somewhere to store trolleys.
    I look forward to seeing it’s new lease of life – The May musical MULAN will be our next project to be run in there.
    The MS Tech~Know~Wise will run it 🙂
  • We are preparing to pilot our new Mountain Lion Operating System with a few select MS teacher and our MS Student Digital Leadership Team (MS SDLT). This pilot will provide us with feedback regarding how efficiently and effectively:
    • We can change the laptop systems over whilst maintaining users working data.
    • The settings work when being used by the teachers and students when they do the things they do (a great song 🙂
    • Install user required applications using Casper’s “Self Service” application.
  • As indicated above, our next school year will see a change in computer operating system, and in some cases a change in hardware. (only those that have used their laptop for 3 academic years will replace hardware) For us to carry out these changes as smoothly as possible we need all involved to be digitally organized, backed up and prepared. 
    I am preparing a series of blog posts that will explain what needs to happen in order to become suitably
    We can all do it 🙂
  • The iPad trial’s initial users will be passing the units back after the Easter break as we  move into phase 2 of our divisional testing. We plan for a variety of teachers to use the iPads through Quarter Four. This spans our potential application which will help us gain  first hand data regarding how the teachers can benefit (or not) from the iPad across the variety of curriculum.
    As trials close we will be placing a reflective assessment on the use of the tool. As mentioned before, this will provide us with a well of discussion and knowledge to help drive future decisions.
    Happy Easter break to all.

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