Tech-Know-Wise crew support MS Musical ~ MULAN

Once again I am very proud to say that the Tech-Know-Wise crew have done a spectacular job of setting-up, operating and deriging the Audio, Lighting, Video and Communication systems used for the recent Middle School Musical MULAN.
The crew brilliance is : Arjun BAJAJ, James CHUNG, Frances GREGOR, Nicholas HAGGERTY, Adam LEE, Jessica MATSON, Riya SINGHAL Ivan TAN, Catherine WANG, Barrett WONG, Dylan YEN.

MULAN Set Up May 2013
The set up and operation schedule was run around the variety of PEAK adventures that took place, adding to the possible interruption of quality and focus. Regardless of that and the other mass of commitments the students have, the group dedicated every Tuesday plus three 5 day weeks of after school set-up, rehearsal, show dates and de-rig.
They did very well.

MULAN 2013

Though at times needing a few reminders… the group were brilliant, dedicated, reliable, excited and productive.
Those involved should all be very proud.
I am 🙂

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