May, 2013 Reflection

we shape where we go

We move as graciously as possible towards the end of the 2012 – 2013 school year. As per normal the activities, discussion, outcomes, concerns and the more have been both motivating, rewarding and as always… educational.

  • Preparations for the 2013 – 2014 school year has taken a lot of focus this month. We’ve prepared the starting few weeks of the 2013 – 2014 school year, arranging laptop replacements, new students ICT orientations,  new teacher ICT orientations and returning faculty ICT updates.
    We’ve also scheduled technology instruction dates throughout the school year within which we can run a wealth of content:
    * Grade 6, 7 & 8 technology related information sessions, to include :Digital Citizenship, cyber safety, digital literacy…
    * Parent ICT coffees
    * Semester One and Semester Two new student tech sessions communicate ICT curriculum to the MS students.
    I am extremely please that we have been able to reserve time slots for us to gain access to the entire MS student group. There always seems to be so much we need to tell them all…
    All good 🙂
  • The MS faculty laptops are celebrating their 4th birthday… and due to be replaced for the 2013 – 2014 school year.
    We are scheduled to issue replacement laptops to all MS faculty at the beginning of the 2013 – 2014 school year. In order to ensure our laptop transfer process runs as smoothly as required, we issued replacement MacBook Air laptops to a small number of MS faculty early mid May. This small pilot process worked to test the required data transfer process (old to new) and to test the image (systems settings, applications…).
    we choose to issue the replacement MacBook Air laptops to a small number of MS faculty early mid May.
    We are pleased to say that our small scale testing proved successful. We are now well prepared for the start of the new school year where we will issue the new units to the remainder of the faculty.
    The presence of a new machine at the start of a new school year … how exciting and motivating.
  • Laptop Operating system upgrade
    We have spent the past months communicating the need for all MS students to develop digital organizational skills and secure their data. Organizational and Backup expectations have been repeatedly communicated to the students through the variety of media available to us.
    As they say – until one is blue in the face…
    The end of May and the beginning of June have seen the entire MS student body upgrade their laptop’s Operating System to Apple’s latest, Mountain Lion.
    This process has shown that the majority of our MS student’s are increasingly digitally organized and backed up. We are also pleased that we know the community is operating with the latest Apple operating system for their laptops.
    Some have questioned why upgrade the operating systems of units that are due to be replaced next year.
    We operate on a mindset that operational stability and quality is beneficial towards meeting our teaching and learning needs. Also that we model behavior that will do what we can to keep resources in the best operational status as possible.
  • 3D Tech class. Students are working towards completing their SketchUp generated three dimensional museum that will be used to present all of their semester projects, including the self driven 20%  project. After designing, constructing, refining , placing content and exporting a video based tour of their museum’s content, they will narrate a commentary explaining the what, why & how about the projects highlighted within their environment.
    We have allocated sufficient time for the students to refine their design and generate quality products, I look forward to seeing the end results.
  • The Theater Craft class that ran in semester one of this year has been incresed next year so that it runs for both semesters> This is a great sign that the kids are interested in the technical opportunities available within creative and tech supported theater. Though this increases my work load I am enthusiastic about this and look forward to working with the group as we move forward.
  • iPad usage & evaluation.
    We have currently collecting feedback from the Middle Schools iPad users (teachers and students) to see how the use of the ipads went through semester two. Associated conversations have confirmed how much easier it has been to capture media for later use. Some of the Apps have shown to be major discussion starters and have been useful towards cementing understanding.
    Having the iPads present within the environment has also helped us test the network connectivity options around the potential usage of Apple TV within our learning spaces. We have made plans to include these newish tools into some of the MS spaces next year.
    The testing continues…
  • Facility alterations
    * MS classrooms 313 & 314.
    We’ve had many discussions and have made plans around the need for flexible and collaborative teaching and learning environments and how we can best utilize the opportunities the world of technology has to offer to our advantage.
    * MS Cafeteria
    New speaker, amplification, microphone, selection, projection, connectivity and automated blinds will be included in the upgrade of the MS cafeteria. We aim to ensure that all of the environments within the MS are increasingly able to support our educational needs.
  • Tech ~ Know ~ Wise 🙂
    Once again the Tech ~ Know ~ Wise crew did an outstanding job of supporting the Middle School musical- MULAN.
    Please click the link below that provides my excitement around the groups achievements  in more detail.
    I have heard it said many a time that educators are privileged to be in a situation which cycles around each year to start again. For us in just over eight weeks.
    The ability to reflect on events gone by, adapt, improve (or not) and move smoothly forward further into progress remains a motivator to remain and try harder.
    Good, i feel lucky.

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