Things to do after the Operating System upgrade.

You again have 2 accounts;

  • Standard account
    • name: sxxxxxx – the x’s being your HKIS student number
    • password : hkis
  • Admin account
    • name: useradmin
    • password : hkis

We need you to reset both of your passwords asap.

If your parents have set “Parent Controls” on your laptop you will need to have a conversation with them about the resetting of the admin account password.

Using the Self Service program, reconnect to the HKIS network shares (MSClass).

Import your previously exported Bookmarks back into your browser as required. (This was one of the pre OS upgrade steps).

ILIFE (iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes)
When you open these accounts it is likely that the app will ask you to update your library.
It is necessary to do this so agree.

Prior to your recent operating system upgrade you sorted through your data, deleting un-required items and organizing items into appropriate folder structures. Well done.
We have not transferred the variety of applications that you might have previously installed : you need to do that. Before you start reinstalling loads of applications, we ask that you think carefully before doing so. A lot of applications interfere with the stability of the operating system and the digital resources HKIS requires. Not a good thing.

So, be wise and approach the re-installation of applications and other content thoughtfully.

Because your laptop has had a system upgrade the backing up application, Time Machine, will consider your laptop to be new. Due to this you will need to start the backup process again.
Below is a video showing how to set up the backup process.

If Time Machine indicates there is not enough storage available on your portable hard drive to complete a new back-up, you need to do the following;

  • check to ensure you have all of your data on your laptop
    this should have been transferred onto your new or reimaged laptop
  • delete all of the content on your portable hard drive
  • restart the Time Machine backup process – see above video

If you have any problems, see ETS help or Mr Lea asap

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