Laptop OS upgrade update @ June 7, 2013

Over the last few months, all MS students have been required to organize and back up their laptop data in order to upgrade their laptop Operating System to Apple’s latest “Mountain Lion”.
OS upgrade
As I type, we have successfully upgraded the OS and transferred data back to all 626 MS  students (bar a few).
The students have been greatly cooperative in following our requirements. With the student’s collaborative effort and cooperation, the OS upgrade process ran smoothly and as planned. Our OS upgrade team, led by Mr George Woo & Michael Lam, worked hard for the past seven days in order to complete this task. Though there have been a few hick-ups, we have done well.
Brilliant work and much appreciation to all.

All students have been issued documentation detailing post OS upgrade requirements.
A digital version of this information is here:

All “Standard” and “Admin” account passwords have been reset to “hkis”

If your family decision has been to not let your child have access to the laptop’s “admin” account, please reset the password as required, here’s how:

If your family decision has been to use “Parent Control,” this will need to be reset.
Below is information around the use of  “Parent Controls”:

From HKIS :

From Apple :

We are very pleased to say that we now have a consistent operating system, organized data, and an active and effective back up system in place across the Middle School.
We look forward to begin the new school year prepared.

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