Summer School – July 1013

Pasta can be more than just a lovely meal…
The Intro to Engineering students standing by their pasta based Ferris Wheels.
Each challenged to construct a rotating Ferris Wheel using Pasta, straws, glue, string & paper… and try they did.
The encountered difficulties were met with problem solving persistence and a load of reflective modifications.
IMG_5288Air conditioning provided a bit of a trick as every morning we’d return to find that the pasta had warped overnight – leaving some strange looking Wheels.

The wheels supporting structures were constructed solely from paper, using a variety of methods to strengthen the structures. The groups frequently identified an effective constructional method and applied it repeatedly.

Re-construction was common as improvements were required to ensure strength.

IMG_5275The group was a truly international collection of souls, scattering the globe as they have returned home. They worked well together, in some cases developing collaborative skills as they moved through the course.

As group projects were developed there was a variety of accuracy and attention to detail being shown. Some of the structures standing strong and satisfactorily symmetrical, and others not so.

IMG_5287At times the room looked like there had been a glue and pasta throwing competition run in the area – this was a challenge as the spaghetti snapped to be trodden into the carpet.

Seems the spaghetti was good to eat uncooked too 🙂

Regardless, all was cleaned up and the challenges met.


All in all we had fun and developed a wider awareness of constructional methods and techniques applied to many industries and processes.

Well done all.

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