August, 2013 reflection

we shape where we go

I have heard many times comments celebrating how the education industry is a lucky one in that we annual opportunity to reflect, amend and reapply. I agree this option to constantly improve processes and systems keeps coming to work a pleasure.
We are now already at the end of the first month and the time has shot past, seemingly faster than the recent interrupting typhoon “Utor”.
To prepare the start of the year the ICT folk started with the new teachers, a week before the returning teachers and two before the kids. This has been the way for the past three years and helps considerably as the start to school can be a tad busy. Below outlines what’s happened so far.

  • 12 new Middle School teachers were issued MacBook Air Laptops and introduced to the HKIS systems and processes through a series of training sessions. These sessions were fully attended and successfully initiated the digestion of HKIS’s ICT systems and operation expectations. Supporting this process continues on a one on one basis so that we can support the needs of the individual.
    I must add that the new MS staff this year are technically confident and capable – it will be interesting to see the impact of that through the year.
    We are pleased.
  • The returning 40+ MS faculty were issued their new MacBook Air laptops and the old units collected and prepared for redistribution to the Upper Primary School.
    I must add that all MS faculty went through what has been referred to as a organize, prepare and back up process prior to this hardware swop. With that we know that all staff are digitally organized and backed up.
    Natrrally we had the bell curve of compliance but in the end all are aligned.
    The MS were the last division to hand out the new laptops and did so at the start of the year (not the end of the previous) with the mindset that let’s start a new year with exciting, tidy, focused and aligned ICT systems.
    Seems to have been all good 🙂
  • The entire MS faculty gathered on multiple occasions prior to the students coming in to receive ICT’s training, operational updates and process reminders.
    The new Dragonnet environment taking a lot of this focus.
    Once again, we continue to support individuals on a one on one basis.
  •   60+ new MS students were also issued with new MacBook Air laptops and introduced to the HKIS Grade 5 – 8 ICT Student Use Expectations. It is an exciting and pleasing time. Seeing all of the expressions on the new students (and parent) faces as they collect what is, a majorly powerful and expanding tool.
    We present the expectations as clearly as we can, and ensure the parent hear it too.
  • Technical instruction sessions (Tech 101) are being provided for all of the new students every Tuesday and Thursday after school for two weeks.
    Though the attendance cannot be made compulsory, it is heavily encouraged and the turn up has been good.
  • Two reconstructed classrooms have had a interconnecting cabling system installed through the summer so that the 2 instructional spaces can share presentational content. Though a few elements of the construction are yet to be completed, the system will add ubiquitous option to the instruction.
  • The grade 7 & 8 Maths team of 5 teachers consists of 5 new faculty. The ICT skill and confidence within the new team is high. We are planning to outfit the team with hardware and software to enhance the ubiquitous and creative options.
    It will be great to see where the Maths curriculum can grow to with these options at hand across the team.
  • Ubiquity being mentioned twice already…
    To do at this stage is needing us to add a few hardware pieces into the learning spaces.
    I am planning to get this done as soon as possible so that the associated groups can start to use the options.
    We will collect user opinions later in the year in order to collect data to identify trend / outcomes.
  •   We are preparing to place a small number of iPads to select teachers, again to trial ubiquitous and creative use of ICT around educational processes.
    At this stage the entire PE and grade 7 & 8 Maths team will be set up with these tools.
    And a few more…
    Again we will collect feedback from user after a period of time.
  • All of the six grade students are being introduced to HKIS Grade 5 – 8 ICT Student Use Expectations, laptop set-up and a well of operational processes (MyDragonnet, Google, Dragonnet, Network drives, Back up, Research, Databases…).
    We know it is important to ensure the grade level (6) are all on the same page at the start of the year.
    It is interesting to see that an increased amount of teachers have said they will now teach a lot of the items, no longer needing support doing so. Others, I will do 🙂
    Hooray – the skills grow.

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