October, 2013 Reflection

we shape where we go

It has amused me and amazed me that I am 1 cm taler, or technically restored to my original height. Amazing what medical science can do for us these days 🙂
Details about this can be read here :

  • The grade six students have been working to ensure they all have an active back up of their laptop data using Time Machine. This has meant presenting the process to all grade 6 dyads. I am pleased to say that the majority of students are already doing so.
    So far so good.
  • The Grade Sevens Social Studies team have been recently using Google Earth. The students have been developing the skills required to manipulate, place online and present imagery within a “Placemark”  in Google Earth.
    Though considered a simple process the students have needed to have the process reiterated to ensure ability.
    This will be presented to all of the grade 7 students as the move forward with the unit.
  • The Language Arts department have been discussing how we can embed media manipulation instruction into their curriculum to ensure all grade 7 & 8 students are skilled with visual media manipulation. The details of how we best do this are still under discussion at this time.
  • The Grade 7 & 8 Maths team have been issued with iPads as teacher tools so that they can explore and develop common ICT rich processes that support our Maths curriculum.
    It is great to have the entire team set up with consistent hardware for use.
  • We have currently placed Apple TVs and iPads into 6 of our MS core classrooms for testing to see how they can be used to support learning and ubiquitous access to communication , creation and collaboration resources.
    We are planning to add another 6 units of these to the MS before the end of November to expand our use of this ICT rich option.
  • The MS band program has been investigating the creative options available to them through the ICT systems set up in  their teaching and learning environments.
    Again, this process is ongoing, yet exciting…
  • The MS elective teachers met in the MS Library / Tech office so that they could add their unit information to the COW (Curriculum on the Wall).
    Currently the COW contains 6, 7 & 8 core unit information only. We want to get the  electives content added too.
    We will also be looking into how we can best present this in a digital form.
    The process is ongoing.
  • We have successfully worked with the MS PE department to set up and use a Blogger blog web site that can support their communication needs to the HKIS larger community.
    To date these blog feeds have been holding text, pictures, videos, schedules and more.Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 11.40.56 AM

    In addition to setting up the Blog environment, we have issued each of the four teachers with iPads so that they can use these ubiquitous units to capture and share the activities that are taking place within PE lessons.
    Mr Coleman has secured water proofing cases for of the iPads. Now they can be utilised within all PE units, regardless of their involvement with water or otherwise. In-fact to date the iPad has been a major benefit when showing students how they apply presented swimming technique. The staff have been using the iPads to record the students underwater and then playback videos so the students can watch themselves in action to identify technique concerns / celebrations.  The ability for the students to see them selves in action has been priceless to the development of their understanding.
    Well done all involved 🙂

  • I have created a Blogger blog website that I will be using to comment and reflect around the ongoing interactions, processes, support/s that happen through the days in the MS. Though this will be based on information for my Career Structure year – it is also providing a more detailed reflection of my activities during the days at work.
    It’s all here: http://deanleacs.blogspot.hk/
  • We have once again had the Tech-Know-Wise crew and the Theater Craft (drama elective) set up and operate operate the sound, lighting, videoing and communication systems for the recently run “Magician’s Elephant”.
    ~As in previous productions the student’s did a great job.IMG_5542
    To get some more details of this click below:

    I continue to support the application of ICT within our MS  spaces.
    Stay well and safe.
    Mr Lea

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