Tech-Know-Wise crew and Theater Craft class rock again

Again the Tech-Know-Wise crew & Theater Craft class ROCK.

The MS Drama department produced and presented “The Magician’s Elephant” for three afternoon shows to the HKIS community.
The Tech-Know-Wise crew & Theater Craft class supported the production, setting up , controlling and de-rigging the Sound, Lighting, Videoing and Communication systems.
… and they controlled the technical systems very well.
The crews dedicated three weeks after school every day from 3:15 – 5:10.
Incredibly Amogh spent a few day there until past 6 pm to help set up.
Above Amogh is installing a Large Diaphragm Microphone with the support of a Magic Arm and a load of the most needed GAFFER tape.

Below, Barrett is smiling at the switching helm of the 4 camera live recording systems,
Joanna is controlling the 9 mic, 3 zone audio recording systems that feed the video recording  and Jason is controlling the playback of used sound effects and music.
All in all, a load of focus and attention to detail.
They did well too 🙂
Below’s a closer shot of Barrett at work with the multiple camera feeds.The Lighting trio was led and overseen by Frances. Below shown keeping an eye on the script and there in case her expertise is needed by the crew.
Below shows Adam and Michelle getting more skilled at lighting control. A task that requires major script following focus throughout every performance.Dylan having a grand old time as he controls camera one’s frame to ensure it’s capture
remains as good as possible.
Below’s the lighting Trio in close communication with Mr Mulhall, show director.

And my Job – was just to watch and enjoy their skill.
Hooray – well done you guys – you ROCK !!
We have a musical to prepare for.
Mr Lea

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