December, 2013 Reflection

we shape where we go

… and now it’s the end of the semester and the end of the calendar year, 2013.
A lot has happened since August. The below describes December activities.

  • Have spent a lot of time in with the Grade 8 LA classes encouraging a reflective process attached to development of Public Service Videos.
    In addition to analyzing previous student work towards understanding what is good. I have had one on one conversation with lots of the students, discussing their ideas, storyboards, work-so-far and options.
    Once again it has been interesting to see where the students go with visual media project work.
    The students have also been reminded about the audio resources that are available for student projects.
  • The semester ends the Theater Craft elective and my support for their projects.
    It was between interesting and frustrating to see the kids work in small groups on their ideas. It seems that the lack of experience with student led & hands on creative projects where the kids are in charge of the outcome leaves them scrabbling for wanted outcomes.
    Upon reflection My Mulhall and I will plan to develop opportunities to develop control earlier so that the kids have experience to draw on.
    Apple consultant, Kathlene Forenz demonstrated the benefits from baby steps and confidence.
    A lesson to recall.
  • The Social Studies team have been working hard with Google Earth through the month. The grade seven students have mostly worked in an aligned manner, using tools and processes that will support their work as they move through the rest of the school year and on.
    I’ve generated resources that are within this blog that the students have accessed a lot to work in a self motivated manner.
  • I have worked with the grade 7 & 8 Social Studies teachers,  spending the first 20 minutes of their last 5 meetings to go through the processes that the students had to go through with the Google Earth processes.
    It was rewarding to hear them reflect on “it takes so much time” when faced with doing what they ask the students to do.
    Also great to see the staff understand the potential through operational understanding.
  • Relocation of the Middle School ETS & AV office to MS 309 for a few months whilst the room is reconstructed.
    As can be seen below – this process has involved an awful lot of time and effort – not to mention weeding out the unwanted/unneeded items.
    A lot of Audio Visual items have been identified for donation. Regardless there is a load iof items to relocate. At this stage the new space has much better views and seemingly more space (it is empty at the moment:)
    I am sure the room will fill up in no time.
    We look forward to seeing the new space.
  • I recently attended two conferences held within the HKCEC.
    21Century Learning :
    Tech and Learning Expo :
    Outside of the common tech conference themes:
    * Education needing flexible, child appropriate and nice to be in learning spaces – always exciting to see what some are doing.
    * Interactive screens and attached options.
    * Mobile education is increasingly present in and out of schools.
    * Communication systems offer access to so much.
    * a need to balance tech and life
    There was a noticeable new focus, being the increase in the maker movement. The combination of what i recall being Design Technology offerings, electronics, robotics and project based projects.
    It is exciting seeing the energy attached to encouraging students to working such student led projects. It is something we will look to expand our robotic program to include.
    Stephen Heppell was inspiring – again. :
    Dr Gary Stagger was a new inspiration :
  • We continue to work on the stabilization of our Apple TVs within the MS.
    TEachers have been issued with documentation to identify concerns, we are hoping this additional information will help identify the details of issues.
    THe problems are still less then the benefit attached t the units so the teachers are prepared to push through.
    We will only improve these tools.

I wish all a safe, smiley, rewarding festive period.
Mr Lea


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