March 2014, Reflection


As per normal the month has seen a lot of trials, presentations, brainstormings, collaboration and as always lots of conversation around future possibilities and required directions.
Below I’ve highlighted a few things that have stood out this month.

  • MS Faculty have been invited to trial the Schoology and Teamie Learning Management System. We have asked that if possible MS faculty try both systems and compare the two environments. So far the response to the trial invitation has been fast and plentiful. Plans at the moment are to trial both programs through to the end of the fourth quarter, assess, reflect on the feedback and solidify steps forward.
  • We have continued to investigate two Digital Signage systems that we could apply to our environment. The mentioned companies are : ONELAN and VII Networks.
    Over the last few weeks, both companies have visited the Ms and have provided us with demonstration accounts. We will be discussing and confirming the most suitable platform within the next few weeks.
    The communication options offered through both systems are expansive and exciting.
  • The Grade 8 SS team have been completing their qtr 3 unit Prejudice and the students have been presenting their research findings and options through a variety of media rich environments. These environments have included Google Sites, Videos, Blogs.
    A lot of focus has been on the quality of communicated content. It seems the technological environment is becoming increasingly transparent – being a location students can showcase their knowledge and skill.
  • In order to confirm that the MS students are meeting the Grade 5 – 8 ICT Student Use Expectations I have been conducting random Spot Checks within the MS. The focal areas of the checks are :
    *  Physical condition,
    *  Use of organizational structure,
    *  Programs usage,
    *  Back-Up Status
    A Google Form is being used to guide and track all inspections. The time taken per inspect is typically between 1 – 2 minutes.
    At this time of writing the findings have been positive. We will continue to do this through the remainder of the school year.
  • We have been trialling a few different types of iPad stands that could become a replacement unit for our current visualizers. It is found that the iPads can provide the same functionality as the visualizers, yet offer so much in addition ,it seems like the move towards a flexibly system like that is a good idea.
    The trials continue.
  • The MS SDLT and Tech-Know-Wise students will be preparing to trial the Maverick software within the MS environment. I have asked that the students prepare their laptops first by ensuring they are organized and backed up.
    We will collect their feedback as we consider moving the remainder of the MS up to the Maverick OS.
  • The Hapara teacher dashboard system remains in a testing stage.
  • I have been investigating generating interactive visual representations of our core curriculum that could be placed into out Dragonnet. This is intended to replace he imagery that is currently in place to visually present our core curriculum.
  • We continue to look into alternative application to Adobe’s Photoshop.

The MS is oozing vibrance as the weather warms and the faculty and students prepare for PEAK.

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